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This Internet portal only uses cookies to the extent that this is technically necessary.

No personal data is collected or shared!

Read the privacy policy of the BOGENPARADIES

The BOGENPARADIES takes the protection of user data very seriously! On the one hand, everyone has the right to determine for themselves how their personal information is handled; on the other hand, there is a legal obligation to document business transactions, technical requirements and legitimate interests that require the storage of data. This article clarifies the interrelationships.

BOGENPARADIES Privacy & Cookie policy

This policy describes the personal data ("Data") that is collected or generated (processed) when you use the BOGENPARADIES webpages ("Pages") or mobile applications ("Apps"). It explains how this data is used and protected, what choices you have regarding this data and how you can contact us about it.

Responsible for processing and protection of data

The responsible publisher is: Richard Zimmer, Hauptstraße 161, 65760 Eschborn, Germany.

Data handling

The BOGENPARADIES does everything in its power to protect the data of its visitors. In particular, it does not participate in any advertising networks. The latter collect data on many internet portals in order to evaluate, sell and distribute targeted advertising.

All data is collected exclusively to enable communication between the BOGENPARADIES and its visitors, users or customers, to guarantee the operation of these pages and to document the rights of the authors.

Personal data

Personal data includes names, addresses, dates of birth, banking information and business transactions. These are stored as provided by users and used to the extent permitted by law to enable the conduct of business.

Processing data of this portal

The system underlying this portal stores data on changes to individual posts with date, time, user name and type of change. For security reasons, changes are only permitted by logged-in users. This is necessary to identify any authors and to be able to restore unlawfully changed content.

Access data

Accesses to the pages are stored and evaluated in server protocols in order to find errors and to optimise this portal for visitors. These logs are evaluated and deleted by the publisher at unspecified intervals.


Cookies are small files that can store information in your computer's browser. Cookies have a bad reputation, as there are providers who try to spy on their visitors with the help of cookies. However, cookies are necessary to avoid having to log in again each time you access the site. Likewise, a cookie is used to avoid displaying the privacy message again each time you access the site, if you have accepted this. For these reasons and these reasons alone, this portal also uses cookies. See also our article on the DSGVO.

Third party services

Through constant further development, we have managed to reduce the third-party services used to just one.

Our contact form for sending messages to the BP is repeatedly attacked by automated, so-called robots or bots in order to send unwanted advertising (called SPAM) to random addresses. These machinations have nothing to do with the BOGENPARADIES, but use our computer capacities and bring us into disrepute.

For protection, the contact form on this portal uses reCAPTCHA, version 3, from Google. This service sends data to Google computers, which evaluate this data. View Google's privacy policy and th terms of use about the use of reCAPTCHA, version 3 in separate windows.

Inspection and deletion

You have the opportunity to inspect your personal data stored by us at any time and to request its deletion or correction. Simply use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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